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Stop by today to see MUCH MORE inventory IN-STORE!
Stop by today to see MUCH MORE inventory IN-STORE!


1. Do you do luggage repairs?

We do minor luggage repairs such as putting zipper pulls on. However, we need to see the bag in order to know if this can be done. We facilitate most repairs by sending them back to the manufacturer for repair, or to a local repair center. (There may be shipping & handling costs associated and/or repair costs depending if the luggage is under warranty.)

2. Is my suitcase under warranty?

Many manufacturers have some sort of warranty on their suitcases. Briggs & Riley, as well as Eagle Creek, typically have the best warranty. If you have a warranty question, please read the tag on the item for warranty information, or feel free to contact us. We'll try to help you with whatever warranty service needs you have. Feel free to bring your item into the store as well and we can help you navigate the warranty/repair process.

3. Are you open?

View location & hours.

4. Do you have adapters and converters for...?

We carry many (if not all) adapter plugs for the various countries throughout the world. Feel free to contact us in order to confirm we have what you need in stock. Many manufacturers will use different letter systems - i.e. not all "C" adapters will look alike. Because of this, it's best for us to know which country you're traveling to in order for us to best help you. You can view adapters and electronics here.

5. Do I need a converter?

Most modern electronics (think smartphones and computers) cover the range and do not need converters, but only adapters. Items with a heating element (think blow dryers and curling irons) may need a converter if they do not cover the range. You can check on your device or double check with the manufacturer if you are not sure. Feel free to bring your device into the store and we can try to help you out further. We sell dual-voltage travel hair dryers and flat irons as well. 


5. Your store looks different. Did you move?

Periodically we rearrange the store, re-merchandise, and overall move things around. Some years ago, we also completed a remodel of the store which has changed the layout. We are still in the same location in Irvine, CA. Feel free to stop by the store and say hello! View location & hours.

6. Is this carry-on?

Each airline has their own size limits for carry on luggage. Typically, the airlines allow one bag to go in the overhead compartment and one personal item to go underneath the seat. The typical domestic size limits are 22" x 14" x 9". The typical international size limit will be a little bit shorter and a little bit wider. We encourage customers to check their airline size restrictions before traveling. We have varying sizes of suitcases throughout the store and should be able to help you find a bag that will work for you! View carry-on luggage here.