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Give us a call: 949-250-0774

Europe/Asia Grounded Adapter Plug


Whether you plan to travel through numerous European and Asian countries in one vacation, or you plan to travel through them a little bit at a time, this adapter allows you to travel effortlessly.

You can charge your phone, camera, tablet, or even laptop with it, and consequently, you’ll still have access to your phone for calls, messaging, GPS, social media, and more (although be sure to check your carrier’s policies regarding international usage).

It’s well-suited to handle the rigors of frequent travel, and it’s small and lightweight enough that even if you don’t end up using it in every country you go to, you’ll be glad you packed it.

Effortlessly charge your portable electronics with this grounded Europe/Asia adapter plug. 

• For most outlets in Europe and Asia
• For operation of grounded appliances
• Universal receptacle accepts most plugs
• 3in x 1.5in x 2in

Note: Adapter plugs do not convert electricity.
Note: Some countries use more than one outlet configuration. Check with your travel agent, consulate, or hotel for the most accurate information about your destination's electricity and outlet configuration.