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Give us a call: 949-250-0774
Give us a call: 949-250-0774

EarPlanes Earplugs for Noise & Ear Discomfort

  • Inside every EarPlanes earplug is a small ceramic filter
  • During take-off and landing of a flight the CeramX™ filter slows the shift of air pressure that enters your ear
  • This more gradual change in air pressure exerts less stress on the eardrum, reducing overall ear discomfort
  • World’s #1 Seller
  • Adult size fits most adult ears
  • Children’s size fits those with smaller ears
  • CeramX™ technology protects your middle ear from rapid changes in air pressure
  • Soft, hypoallergenic silicone
  • Reduces cabin noise by 20 dB
Sizing options are for adult and childrens size. The children's size also fits those with smaller ears.