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Stop by today to see MUCH MORE inventory IN-STORE!
Stop by today to see MUCH MORE inventory IN-STORE!

Clipa 2 Bag & Purse Hanger

by Clipa
Color: Polished Silver

Unique circular design with hidden auto-close hinge is light yet strong. Bracelet purse hanger holds heavy handbags up to 33 lbs. yet weighs just 1.6 oz. Wear it as a bangle or clip it to the bag.


  • Slim profile
  • Hangs single or double strap bags in ½” of space
  • Circular design opens to hold bags then automatically closes
  • Keep on bag strap, purse fittings or wrist for instant use
  • Slim profile works nearly everywhere
  • Holds heavy bags up to 33 lbs yet weighs just 1.6 oz.
  • Clear, non-slip pads on each end for a secure grip
  • Doubles as a bracelet

The Clipa purse hanger offers the perfect balance of elegant design and durable performance for your most important accessory. Protects your bag from germs, water and dirt where you need it the most: bathroom stalls missing a hook, cubicle walls, germy airplane tray tables, carts, strollers, and dozens of other places. Great for business bags, backpacks even umbrellas. Installs in seconds—no set-up! Simply clip it around your purse strap. To use, open one end and hang from tables, chairs—almost anywhere. When you’re ready to go, simply pull the strap and watch Clipa slide back onto the bag. You’ll hear an audible “click” as the two ends come back together. The ultimate in grab and go convenience, you’ll be discovering new places to use it! Meticulously crafted and triple finished, it will never need polishing.


Style# Clipa2