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Located at 17775 Main Street, Irvine, CA 92614 | View Map
Located at 17775 Main Street, Irvine, CA 92614 | View Map

Vinni Bag - Inflatable Travel Bag for Fragile Items

Color: Clear


Superior Protection Against Impact & Leakage:

VinniBag is a versatile travel accessory that protects liquids & fragile items in a suitcase, backpack, boat or car trunk. Inflation chambers conform to the contents, suspending them in a liquid-tight air cushion.
For business or pleasure, it’s a travel essential that stores flat in the bottom of a suitcase taking up no room until you need it.
Ideal for liquor, gourmet treats, perfume, breakable gifts, wet or soiled items, cell phone & keys while boating (it floats!), an ice pack etc.
Great for frequent travelers, wine & spirit lovers, collectors, sports enthusiasts and foodies & gourmets.
It only takes a few breaths to inflate.  Toss it into a suitcase, your car trunk or a backpack and you’re ready to go! VinniBags are durable, recyclable and USA Made.

Versatile Travel Companion:

  • Designed for Travel by Air, Car, Rail, Bike, Backpack, Boat etc.
  • Ideal for Wine, Spirits, Olive Oil, Grandma’s Fruit Preserves, Perfume, Shampoo, Figurines, Crystal Vases (won’t do much for the flowers)
  • Clear Material allows for Visual Inspection without Opening
  • Stores Flat, Rolled or Folded When Not in Use
  • Great for Camping, Skiing, Biking or Just Bouncing Around
  • Can Secure a Re-corked Bottle in the Trunk to Transport Open Containers


Technical Specifications

Dimensions Flat Inflated
Length: 23″ 16″
Width: 8.5″ 7.5″
Weight: 9oz + Contents